Carbide Industries Limited

South Africa Calcium Carbide
(Pty) Ltd

Empresa Andina de Carbureto
de Calcio
Electrometalurgica Andina Saic


The Andina Group was established in 2008 in Spain, and consists of the following companies: Electrometalurgica Andina SAIC, South African Calcium Carbide (Pty) Ltd,
Carbide Industries Ltd, Empresa Andina de Carbureto de Calcio and Comargas SA.

Electrometalurgica Andina S.A.I.C., located in the Republic of Argentina and SA Calcium Carbide, located in the Republic of South Africa, are the two producing companies of the Group.  The facilities specialise in the production of calcium carbide, calcium silicon, ferrosilicon, silicon metal, artificial graphite, ACB and special mixes for various metallurgical applications.

Carbide Industries Ltd., located in the United Kingdom and Empresa Andina de Carbureto de Calcio, located in Brazil, are reprocessing and distribution companies for calcium carbide and blends for metallurgical applications. Carbide Industries Ltd. is the only representative for the Andina Group.

The Andina Group is constantly looking for opportunities to consolidate its global position as a main player in the markets of calcium carbide/calcium silicon and their applications.



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